Our power rating philosophy

Before the turn of the century many of the high end car audio brands had strict guidelines for rating power. They would rate with all channels driven at very low distortion figures using real world voltages. Unfortunately, marketers discovered that it was extremely easy to inflate the wattages on the products by simply altering the parameters.

If you rate your amplifier using a huge distortion figure through one channel whilst running a very narrow range of frequencies off a huge input voltage an amplifier that generates a true useable 20 watts per channel makes 200 watts! Since it’s say, 4 channel, you times that by four and you’ve just got yourself an 800 watt amp to advertise. And an 800 watt amp sells better than a “20x4” one! Is the power useable? No way. Is it helpful? Not at all.

When Bassface launched in 2012 we were a UK only manufacturer, selling mainly on the eBay platform. High wattages seemed essential to get our products on a level playing field with the competition who were doing exactly the same, and so we quoted the maximum peak figures along with everyone else. Six years later I’ve had enough and have taken the decision that since Bassface is a transparent and honest organisation the inclusion of unusable wattage figures does not sit well with our remit as we move forwards.

We have switched to precise useable wattage philosophy

It's also got to the point where our online competitors have continued to enlarge their claimed figures to an extent that we just can’t continue to try and 'play the game' without it getting ridiculous. So, we’re 'out' and instead we now just offer you our honest, tested numbers and best efforts at producing high quality, affordable amplifiers.

To be clear – the products are the same as they always were. It’s just the way we are rating them that's changed. As of now you won’t need to read carefully the extended specification to find the true useable power – we just won’t bother quoting the absolute maximum that the amplifier can produce with a nail for a fuse at huge distortion just before it blows up and kills the lab technician...

Our standard power figures are now – 14.4 volts, all channels driven with 20Hz to 20Khz test noise and a distortion threshold of 1% maximum.

We hope that you prefer this approach and that it proves easier to match amplifiers to speakers when you can just look at the useable power.

Best wishes

Team Bassface Worldwide

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