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Bassface bespoke
for industry

At Bassface we have access to state of the art manufacturing and we're happy to work with you to custom engineer solutions to your requirements.

For example perhaps you're a boat manufacturer and want a marine speaker but not in white, for use in the cabins - or maybe to a custom size. We can work to excellent lead times and at great prices for this kind of work, and sometimes even arrange to hold stock of your custom SKU if ongoing supply is needed to keep costs off your balance sheet.

We also recently agreed a deal to supply a leading UK-based Pinball Machine manufacturing company with Bass Face products, ensuring its users enjoy high quality sound effects whilst playing.

Other times we will work with customers outside of our normal scope of use where the client requires audio expertise - see the pictures here of Bassface amplification custom fitted into electronics.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss the options we have for your company or project.