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DB1.1 1Ohm Class D Monoblock Subwoofer 12v Power Amplifier 580w Verified RMS Power Output

World RRP: £135.99


Product code: DB1.1

Now shipping Version 4.1 of this product - DB1.1 is technologically very far advanced now. Newly updated for 2017 and more than five years of development down the line the latest DB1.1 is taken into the digital age with a new class-D board. This means its now properly 1 Ohm stable. The amplifier ships with a revised remote level controller to allow on the fly fine tuning of settings. An adjustable sub-sonic filter lets you keep the power going to where you want it and a bass boost can help maximize output from your subwoofer set up. We included two output terminal pairs to make it easier for you to connect two subwoofers or dual voice coil subwoofers to the one amplifier. Just like its DB family members, the DB1.1 is built around a striking and beautiful heat-sink. It's not just there to look good but also to optimise passive air convection over the amplifier which will keep the amp running cooler for longer. Also now available are DB1.1PCBA complete replacement circuit boards for more economical repair of amplifiers where the user has asked for that bit "too much" !

Technical Highlights

  • Latest Version Of Our Incredible Inexpensive Yet Powerful Bass Amplifier
  • Variable Bass Boost
  • Highly Efficient Class D Topology
  • Line output for daisy chain amplifier applications
  • Up To 6V Ready Pre Amp Input Stage
  • Variable Low Pass Crossover
  • Strppable to 2 Ohm
  • Cast Aluminium Heatsink Body
  • Variable Bass Boost Frequency
  • Variable Subsonic Filter
Technical Highlights



What's In The Box?

What's In The Box?
  • 1 x High Performance Mono Amplifier
  • 1 x Bass remote level control
  • 1 x 5m level control cable
  • 4 x Self tapping screws

Version History

Prototype – The original DB1.1 dates all the way back to the beginning for the Bassface story. The monoblock of the original line up for 3 amplifiers. V1 – The V1 hit markets in 2011. This class A/B mono had a modest output but had a few issues which were later revised in V2. V2 – This version built on the V1 but came from an entirely new factory. With slightly increased output and a more robust power supply. V3 – The V3 saw the DB1.1 gain higher quality output devices and better thermal protection. This meant less failures when people were using them incorrectly (which happened a LOT) V4 – Looking back through the failure reports form the previous versions it was clear that users still did not understand the 1 output over 2 sets of terminals and 80% of the failures were due to the amps being run at too low impedance with people still thinking they were stereo amps. So, in light of that, we decided we were going to make them digital to circumvent this problem. The V4 puts out almost identical power at 2Ohm but now can output more than the original DB1.1 AND run at 1Ohm…. AND can be linked and give double output into 2Ohm! As well adding higher quality terminals and potentiometers. Yet still retaining that high performance to price ratio that we are so proud of! Also the V4 features the new 2016 logo panel on top!. V4 can be identified also by gold plated terminals and RCA connectors.) V4.1 – V4 really hit the spot and the DB1.1 is such a highly developed product now. For 4.1 we rounded the corners of the heatsink to just tidy things up a bit, and printed a lovely new gloss retail box. Finally, we introduced a more rigorous QC plan at factory which further tightens the performance variability of the finished item. Shipping Q4 2018 >. Was replaced by X series DB in 2020. Support ended Q4 2020.

Key Facts

Product Category Amplifiers
Version 4.1
Series Support Crew
First Added 19/08/2016
Last Modified 22/09/2020
Barcode 683422298400
Production Status Discontinued
Product Net Weight (g) (For Pairs/Sets/Major Parts) 3150
Product Height (mm) 62
Product Length (mm) 300
Product Width (mm) 242
Complete Product Pack Weight (g) 3360
Warranty (Months) - Private Enjoyment Use Only 12
Sold As Single

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Amplifier Data

Genuine Useable RMS Power, 4Ohm Bridge (Watts), < 1%THD, 14v 240x1
Genuine Useable RMS Power, 2Ohm Bridge (Watts), < 1%THD, 14v 400x1
Genuine Useable RMS Power, 1Ohm Bridge (Watts), < 1%THD, 14v 580x1
Frequency Response (Hz) 10-1000
THD Continuous 4 Ohm 1Khz/100Hz (%) <0.1
Signal To Noise Ratio (db) >98
LPF (Hz) 40-180
Bass Boost (Db) 0-12
Boost Frequency (Hz) 30-80
Subsonic Filter (Hz) 15-50
Audio Signal Input Voltage (V) 0.2-6
LPF Slope (Db/Oct) 12
Subsonic Filter Slope (Db/Oct) 12
Amplifier Topology Class D
Fuse Rating (Amps) 80
Power Wire Input Gauge (AWG) 4
Recommended Wiring Kit and Accessories PWK4.1 RCA5.1
Minimum Recommend Final Load Per Channel (Ohms) 1

Extended Amplifier Data

Verified RMS 14.4V Per Channel 4Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 232@1%, 18.8 (V4), 232@1%, 24.9 (V3)
Verified RMS 14.4V Per Channel 2Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 393@1%, 33.9 (V4), 349@1%, 42.3 (V3)
Verified RMS 14.4V Per Channel 1Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 580@3%, 57.8 (V4)
Verified RMS 13.8V Per Channel 4Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 212@1%, 23.9 (V3)
Verified RMS 13.8V Per Channel 2Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 318@1%, 40.5 (V3)
Verified RMS 12.5V Per Channel 4Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 164@1%, 21.2 (V3)
Verified RMS 12.5V Per Channel 2Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 256@1%, 36.3 (V3)