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Bassface Mission, Expertise and Expectations

Experience Counts

I wanted to add this section to the website to credit the enormous investment of personal time, energy and financial resources invested by our international experts into understanding every nuance of the Bassface products.

If you are relatively new to audio I fully appreciate that at first glance it appears to be only a question of reading the specificions and selecting the products with the biggest numbers. Unfortunately this isn't the case - whilst we produce some big power numbers and lean as heavily on this for marketing as anyone else the secret is in the details of advanced product selection and well designed and executed installation.

Unlike other companies we stick with our trusted factories, building relationships and respect. We send our products to some of the most respected authorities in the industry for critique, and then we share the knowledge with the design team so that they can look at ways to improved performance further for the next batch of product. This is why you'll see "V2, V3" and so on in our specifications.

Expectations and Superstars

Car audio is almost a sport - and like in any sport there are superstars. Bassface is incredibly lucky to have some of Europe's most talented audio designers on side - these are the guys you see pushing the envelope of the product and making records.

I wanted to write a paragraph to manage expectations. It takes years of effort and study to achieve results like the pro's. For a beginner starting out or an intermediate customer your advisor or installer is always the most important thing. Incorrect product selection or installation will cripple even the simplest project. We recommend that you hook up with one of our dealers who can look closely at your needs and make sure you are on the right track to success.

At BF HQ we have some ability to answer your questions so always feel free to send us an email but please be aware that we are not essentially a retail facing organisation and so our timelines to a reply are variable dependant on workload and also, bear in mind that whilst we are technically capable of advising you about our products and usage we are not the superstars! A formula one racing car is one thing, but to learn how to drive it you need to talk to the driver!

I'm conscious to mention prices. Car audio over the last 10 years has seen the internet alter its structure with disasterous consequences - walk into a car audio shop now and try to have a play with a nice head unit in store and then actually buy it at a price that isn't vastly more than you can get it for online.

As Bassface has grown we have had to make changes to everything to work towards price equality, especially on an international stage and especially when Amazon are a direct customer. My message to our customers is that we continually work hard to deliver the very best value and fairest pricing for everyone.

Negative Marketing

I also wanted to send a message to our competitors. We will never try to
discredit your hard work. We understand how difficult it is to create great
products and work in this area. If you are about to post something negative
about someone else's creation - why not just post something positive about
YOUR OWN creation? The public are not stupid and nobody thinks you're big
or clever for wasting your time being disrespectful to someone else. We have
respect because we are gentlemen not bandits. We ask the same in return
and urge everyone to have fun, think positive and create great things to
make for beneficial competitive behaviour.


We don't make a massive secret about the factories that build our products
because we have a relationship with them that guarantees us development
and service. Anyone can go to a factory and buy products but understanding
the limitations and strengths of those factories, products and designs is more
of a challenge. Developing our products in the real world and documenting
how to get the best out of them as well as setting them on a path to be the
best they can be whilst adding minimum costs to them is our mission.