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SPL15.2S 15" 2x2Ohm DVC 2100WRMS High Performance Subwoofer

World RRP: £214.99


Product code: SPL15.2.2S

Now shipping is the "S" version of this subwooofer - The SPL15.2 has undergone significant development this last year - the latest model still features a choice of either 4+4 or 2+2 DVC coil but adds additional excursion and a host of other big changes over the outgoing model. Offering improved double spider design with awesome woven in tinsel leads, better cooling, and all machine glued construction. SPL 15.2S brings extreme, rebuildable 15 inch performance to an affordable price point. A large treated foam surround affords the cone excellent excursion with great linear stability throughout the whole stroke, combined with the new double spider to allow extremely tight cone control. This keeps the moving parts from distorting under the extreme loads expected. The basket, like the SPL12.2, is a cast aluminium multi arm design that minimises load on the rear of the cone - the low resonance and extreme rigidity further minimise distortion as the basket can not flex. The new magnets are double stacked super high density ceramic units rated at Y35 for a more active field in the air gap. The T yoke assembly at the back of the sub is “In & Out” vented – this means it has a ring of smaller cooling holes outside of the voice coil in addition to the standard large central vent inside the voice coil. This drastically reduces heat generation and unwanted compression. Absolutely ideal for general use this is a versatile woofer that will produce tremendous SPL and keep up with complex SQ passages - its the Swiss Army Knife of 15 inch woofers! Like the smaller SPL12.2S we believe that this the best subwoofer for the price that money can buy. S model gains carbon fibre dustcap and yellow stitching with further revisions to spider construction and geometry. This is the 2+2 Ohm version.

Technical Highlights

  • Carbon Fibre Dustcap
  • Extreme Duty Adhesives
  • Super High Density Double Stacked Y35 Ceramic Magnets
  • Twin spider design for more power handling
  • Extreme Duty Non Pressed Paper Cone
  • Dual 2 Ohm BASV High TemPerature Voice Coils
  • CAD Optimised Low Compression VC Cooling System
  • Cast Aluminium Basket
  • Treated Oversize Double Stitched Foam Surround
Technical Highlights



What's In The Box?

What's In The Box?
  • 1 x High Performance Subwoofer

Version History

This woofer is intrinsically the same as the V3 15.2 but with carbon fibre dustcap, yellow stitching and a slightly redesigned surround. The spider has also received attention and offers improved tinsel reliability at large excursion. Arrived to market Q4 2018.

Key Facts

Product Category Subwoofers
Version 1
Series Assault
First Added 26/08/2018
Last Modified 02/09/2021
Barcode 680044771809
Production Status Discontinued
Product Net Weight (g) (For Pairs/Sets/Major Parts) 15200
Complete Product Pack Weight (g) 17000
Warranty (Months) - Private Enjoyment Use Only 12
Sold As Single

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Speaker Data

Speaker Maximum Burst Power (Watts) (One Speaker, Using Appropriate Crossover) 4200
Speaker Power Handling RMS (Watts) (One Speaker, Using Appropriate Crossover) 2100
Continuous RMS Power (Watts) (One Speaker, Using Appropriate Crossover & 0%THD) 1580
Overall Diameter (mm) 400
Magnet Diameter (mm) (Including Magnet Protector Where Applicable) 200
Installation Cut-Out Diameter (mm) 360
Overall Depth (mm) 220
Mounting Depth (mm) 190
Front Protrusion From Mounting Plane (mm) 30
Impedance (Ohm) (Nominal) 2+2
Optimum Bass Enclosure Type Ported
Recommended Bass Enclosure Volume (CuFt) 3.5
Recommended Bass Enclosure Tuning Frequency (Hz) 35
Voice Coil External Diameter (mm) 75

Technical Parameters

Re (Ohm) 2
fs(Hz) 33.833
Mms (g) 438.058
MMd (g) 410.579
Cms(mm/N) 50.517
BL (T m) 14.030
Qms 3.811
Qes 0.946
Qts 0.758
Vas (Ltr) 49.367
n0(%) 0.195
Sd(cm2) 82.958
Md (g) 250
SPL (db/1Wm) 84.9
Krm (Ohm) 68.743
Erm 0.534
Kxm (mOhm) 20.914
Exm 0.688
Xmax Both Way Total (mm) 38