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Bassface Audio is an internationally acclaimed, constantly developed and highly evaluated brand.

We have a gang of passionate and experienced distributors, engineers and businesspeople who work together constantly to find new ways to push existing products harder and to use lessons learned to work with our factories to bring new developments to life.

It's a never ending process - every day, sometimes at night, weekend, Sundays - all the time we are talking about Bassface. Our internal international "What's-App" communication is constant. I don't think ever before has a brand as niche as ours collaborated so closely.

Unlike other companies we stick with our trusted factories, building relationships and respect. We send our products to some of the most respected authorities in the industry for critique, and then we share the knowledge with the design team so that they can look at ways to improved performance further for the next batch of product. This is why you'll see "V2, V3" and so on in our specifications.

We test a lot of items, make a lot of protoypes and take a lot of time to bring products to the market. We are a responsible company, and ensure to test and certify our items for use in the countries we will sell to. We are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint both in our warehousing and shipping operation and our packaging.

When I first sat on an aeroplane to China in 2011 to visit some Far Eastern factory owners I could never have dreamed of the journey running Bassface would take me on. Now, all these years later some of my very best friends live in countries thousands of miles from our base in the UK and we have customers all over the world.

I have seen our products taken by some amazing, skilled audio installers and turned into competition winning monsters. We have SPL wins, best of shows and some outright beautiful cars equipped with our items.

Our belief is that it's easy to make a product fantastic if you have an unlimited budget, but much more difficult when you're working to a defined budget. At the other end of the scale it's easy to make a basic product very cheaply but which doesn't meet your performance requirements.

At the other end of the scale it's easy to make a basic product very cheaply - there really is some rubbish on sale!

However, what if you're committed to excellent but you want to keep it affordable? It's enormously more difficult to build a fantastic product for a sensible price, making sure that no money is wasted along the way so that the customer can get excitement and enjoyment without paying too much for it.

Packaging and documentation is critical too? Items need to get to their destination in perfect shape, and the user has to know the parameters so that the best performance and an intelligent fit can be made.

For all this you need a team of enthusiasts who understand. Welcome to Team Bassface Worldwide.