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SPLT.4 8Ohm Mini Horn Tweeter Single 75w RMS

World RRP: £23.99

Category: Tweeters & Horns

Product code: SPLT.4

SPLT.4 is a production development of SPLTH.1 which was a custom product built by our Italian distributor. With a powerful N35 magnet and compact dimensions this high quality driver can be installed in a range of locations and will provide sweet and powerful top end sounds. The circular design of the horn has been computer optimised to give smooth response right accross the frequency range.

Technical Highlights

  • High Performance Magnet
  • Completely Ready To Use With Integrated Motor And Magnet
  • Circular Design Easy Install
  • Extremely Lightweight



What's In The Box?

  • 1 x Horn Tweeter
What's In The Box?

Version History

Drawing on experience from our team this is V1 of the product. We don't anticpate the need for further development.

Key Facts

Product Category Tweeters & Horns
Version 1
Series Assault
First Added 17/10/2016
Last Modified 22/09/2020
Barcode 683422299278
Production Status Discontinued
Product Net Weight (g) (For Pairs/Sets/Major Parts) 140
Product Height (mm) 84
Complete Product Pack Weight (g) 187
Warranty (Months) - Private Enjoyment Use Only 12
Sold As Single

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Tweeter Data

Overall Diameter (mm) 107
Magnet Diameter (mm) 24.5x2
Installation Cut-out Diameter (mm) 68
Magnet Type N35
System Maximum Power (Watts) (Using Pair Of Tweeters Not Necessarily Included) 300
System RMS (Watts) (Using Pair Of Tweeters Not Necessarily Included) 150
System Maximum Power (Watts) (Single Tweeter) 150
System RMS (Watts) (Single Tweeter, 4Khz/12DB Oct X Over) 75
Frequency Response (Hz) 1000-20000
Impedance (Ohm) 8
Sensitivity (db/1Wm) 103