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DB1.2 1Ohm Class D Monoblock Subwoofer 12v Power Amplifier 1010w Verified RMS Power Output

World RRP: £194.99


Product code: DB1.2

Starting off with the excellent and well respected DB1.1 as the base we extended the scope to create a larger model that would allow customers to drive slightly heavier woofer configurations. The DB1.2 offers around 50% more performance than the latest version of the DB1.1 in return for a relatively small price premium.

Technical Highlights

  • Latest Version Of Our Mid Range Compact Mono
  • Highly Efficient Class D Topology
  • Variable Bass Boost Level and Frequency
  • Variable Low Pass Filter
  • Strppable to 2 Ohm
  • Variable Subsonic Filter
  • Up To 6V Ready Pre Amp Input Stage
  • O.P.S. Oversized Power Supply
  • Thermally Efficient Heatsink Coating
  • Low THD Audiophile Components
Technical Highlights



What's In The Box?

What's In The Box?
  • 1 x High Performance Mono Amplifier
  • 2 x replacement fuse
  • 1 x 5m level control cable
  • 4 x Self tapping screws

Version History

V1 - Developed from the successful DB1.1 with bigger performance

Key Facts

Product Category Amplifiers
Version 4
Series Support Crew
First Added 19/08/2016
Last Modified 22/09/2020
Barcode 700175821683
Production Status Discontinued
Product Net Weight (g) (For Pairs/Sets/Major Parts) 3150
Product Height (mm) 62
Product Length (mm) 280
Product Width (mm) 242
Complete Product Pack Weight (g) 3500
Warranty (Months) - Private Enjoyment Use Only 12
Sold As Single

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Amplifier Data

Genuine Useable RMS Power, 4Ohm Bridge (Watts), < 1%THD, 14v 410x1
Genuine Useable RMS Power, 2Ohm Bridge (Watts), < 1%THD, 14v 670x1
Genuine Useable RMS Power, 1Ohm Bridge (Watts), < 1%THD, 14v 1010x1
Frequency Response (Hz) 10-1000
THD Continuous 4 Ohm 1Khz/100Hz (%) <0.1
Signal To Noise Ratio (db) >96
LPF (Hz) 40-180
Bass Boost (Db) 0-12
Boost Frequency (Hz) 30-80
Subsonic Filter (Hz) 15-50
Audio Signal Input Voltage (V) 0.2-6
LPF Slope (Db/Oct) 12
Subsonic Filter Slope (Db/Oct) 12
Amplifier Topology Class D
Fuse Rating (Amps) 120
Power Wire Input Gauge (AWG) 4
Recommended Wiring Kit and Accessories PWK4.1 RCA5.1
Minimum Recommend Final Load Per Channel (Ohms) 1

Extended Amplifier Data

Verified RMS 14.4V Per Channel 4Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 403@1%, 33.8 (V4), 313@1%, 25.2 (V3)
Verified RMS 14.4V Per Channel 2Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 670@1%, 58.9 (V4), 540@1%, 45.4 (V3)
Verified RMS 14.4V Per Channel 1Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 1004@3%, 102.4 (V4), 809@1%, 76.3 (V3)
Verified RMS 13.8V Per Channel 4Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 288@1%, 24.2 (V3)
Verified RMS 13.8V Per Channel 2Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 489@1%, 43.3 (V3)
Verified RMS 13.8V Per Channel 1Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 715@1%, 71.9 (V3)
Verified RMS 12.5V Per Channel 4Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 237@1%, 22 (V3)
Verified RMS 12.5V Per Channel 2Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 401@1%, 39.4 (V3)
Verified RMS 12.5V Per Channel 1Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 598@1%, 66.4 (V3)