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SPL5M.1 5" 12.7cm 4Ohm SVC Midbass Woofer Single 100w RMS

World RRP: £19.99

Category: Midbass & Midrange Speakers

Product code: SPL5M.1.4

The SPL5M.1 is a well made mid woofer with a good quality pressed steel chassis, rubber surround and generously sized magnet. It is a perfect way to build a compact yet powerful and very affordable midbass ensemble or as an addition to a more complicated active system. The speaker exhibits good performance even above the 1khz, and thus can be used even as a component piece in a two way system. At the other end of the scale we have seen four of these installed into a well designed dacron lined enclosure functioning acceptably as a very compact subwoofer in a small vehicle! A very versative product. Please note the dimensions of the round, lugless chassis of this speaker are not a straight replacement Five And A Quarter Inch fit - new holes may need to be drilled etc. Refer to the dimensional information. As of Q3 2018 we now have the TS parameters available for this driver which enables accurate installation as a woofer.

Version History

Using the venerable SPL.1 range as our starting point the SPL5M.1 was brought to market in 2014 to complement our growing range of more specialist products. Although the price point is very competitive we have included a great quality magnet and midbass specific chassis, and the performance of V1 is excellent.



Key Facts

Product Category Midbass & Midrange Speakers
Version 1
Series Assault
Barcode 617529407304
Production Status Current
Product Net Weight (g) (For Pairs/Sets Weight Is All Major Parts) 620
Complete Product Pack Weight (g) 730
Retail Carton L (mm) 168
Retail Carton W (mm) 154
Retail Carton H (mm) 75
Warranty (Months) 12
Sold As Single

Speaker Data

Speaker Maximum Recommended Power (Watts) (One Speaker, Using Appropriate Crossover) 200
Speaker Power Handling RMS (Watts) (One Speaker, Using Appropriate Crossover) 100
Continuous RMS Power (Watts) (One Speaker, Using Appropriate Crossover & 0%THD) 80
Overall Diameter (mm) 130
Magnet Diameter (mm) (Including Magnet Protector Where Applicable) 85
Installation Cutout Diameter (mm) 120
Overall Depth (mm) 63
Mounting Depth (mm) 55
Front Protrusion From Mounting Plane (mm) 8
System Frequency Response (Hz) (Indicative Of Usable Range But Not Suitability) 45-5000
Impedance (Ohm) (Nominal) 4
Recommended Cable PSC16.2

System Power

Full Speaker System Recommended Peak Power Input (Watts) (Using Pair/Full Set Of Speakers Not Necessarily Included & Appropriate Crossover) 400
Full Speaker System Power Handling RMS (Watts) (Using Pair/Full Set Of Speakers Not Necessarily Included & Appropriate Crossover) 200

Technical Highlights

  • Tech-Two Poly Composite Cone
  • 1" Heavy Duty Aluminium Voice Coil
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Basket
  • Super High Density Oversize Ceramic Magnet
  • Aerospace Grade Rubber Surround Suspension
  • Optimised for High Performance Mid Bass Driver
  • Can Function as Compact Enclosure Subwoofer - for advanced installers only

What's In The Box?

  • 1 x High Power 5" Mid Bass Driver

TS Parameters

Fo (Hz) 71.361
Sd (Cm sq) 83
BL (T m) 3.5257
Qms 4.4363
Qes 1.5048
Qts 1.1236
SPL (Db) 82.3019
Vas (Ltr) 4.4157
Cms (uM/N) 878.5397
Mms (g) 10.9205