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SQC.1 Full System Amp Remote Controller For DSP SQ Series Amplifier

World RRP: £94.99


Product code: SQC.1

The DSP handheld controller SQC.1 is a fully featured compact controller which gives you all of the features of the PC software to allow adjustments “on the fly.” The dot matrix screen feeds back all the information you need to know and adjustments are made in real time. Encased in a robust black anodised extruded aluminium housing the unit looks great. The controller allows connection of up to two SQ Series amplifiers at once, allowing independent control from the one SQC.1. Controls are intuitive and the interface well designed. Whilst not every owner will want (or be able) to adjust their own amplifier (especially when the system fit is being undertaken by a specialist on owner behalf) it is perfect for more advanced enthusiast who demand the utmost in adjustability and control.

Technical Highlights

  • 2 Line Easy to Read Screen
  • Control 2 Amps (Master/Slave) in DSP System
  • Store 5 User Presets



What's In The Box?

  • 1 x SQ Controller
What's In The Box?

Version History

The SQ series were a bit ahead of their time, and ours. Prototyping gave us exactly what we wanted but the technology involved is so exotic it really priced these out of the cost of market we were in. V1 – Production limited to approximately 200 pieces, worldwide. Marked as discontinued 13 March 2019. Product support ended 13 March 2021.

Key Facts

Product Category Accessories
Version 1
Series Support Crew
First Added 20/10/2016
Last Modified 13/03/2021
Barcode 617529407212
Production Status Discontinued
Product Net Weight (g) (For Pairs/Sets/Major Parts) 155
Product Height (mm) 130
Product Length (mm) 85
Product Width (mm) 20
Complete Product Pack Weight (g) 425
Warranty (Months) - Private Enjoyment Use Only 12
Sold As Single