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BLACKDB4.1 2/3/4 Channel Class D Bridgeable Stereo 12v Power Amplifier 880w Verified RMS Power Output

World RRP: £228.99


Product code: BLACKDB4.1

The BLACKDB4.1 features a discrete class D circuit design. Discrete circuitry design is different from IR NXP IC design in the way that we can select parts meticulously to best match each other to achieve better S/N ratio and THD figure. Since all the components are not integrated like an IC, this allows better heat dissipation of the components, which means it is able to achieve higher audio frequencies with less distortion. Our class D amps sound better and smoother than standard IC solution class D full range amps. You get full frequency response past 22Khz distortion free – An issue inherent in even quite advanced class D full range amplifier designs. The feature we are most proud of is the highly advanced and very tuneable crossover section – featuring HPF, LPF and BPF available for each channel, plus a x10 multiplier switch and a clone function. This enables you to run a plethora of set ups without external processing. From a simple stereo front and subwoofer bridged, to a stereo 2 way active set up running 2 tweeters from 5khz up and 2 8” mids on a BPF from 250hz to 5khz. It is very flexible and gives you a very detailed and tailorable output control functionality. These are thoroughbred sound quality power amplifiers for the discerning individual who can appreciate a very high quality audio experience. Coupled with the right speakers, these are a genuine pleasure to listen to, delivering a level of detail that is quite simply stunning.

Technical Highlights

  • High Grade Class-D Full Range Architecture
  • RCA Line Output For Daisy Chaining
  • Superior Sonic Integrity
  • Silver Plated Terminals
  • Variable HPF with x10 switch for extra versatility
  • Variable HPF/LPF/BPF on Channels 3+4
  • Clone 3+4 Switch on Channels 1+2
  • 2 Ohm Stereo / 4 Ohm Bridged Stable Operation
  • Thermal & Short Circuit Protection
  • 2 Channel / 4 Channel Input Mode Selector
Technical Highlights



What's In The Box?

What's In The Box?
  • 1 x BLACKDB4.1 4 Channel Amplifier
  • 3 x 35A Replacement Fuses
  • 4 x Self Tapping Screws For Mounting

Version History

Prototype – Like the BLACK series monoblock, we wanted a very high quality product to fit in line with our top spec BLACK series. We opted for a digital 4 channel, which with recent advances in technology has meant high quality sound is easily achievable. The BLACKDB4.1 is no exception and the prototype was a perfect balance between power and warmth. We modified the crossover a little from the prototype and put them into production. V1 – The V1 was delivered to markets in late 2015 and has so far proven to be both reliable and sound great with no bad feedback coming from customers and professionals.

Key Facts

Product Category Amplifiers
Version 1
Series Support Crew
First Added 01/05/2015
Last Modified 02/09/2021
Barcode 683422297441
Production Status Discontinued
Product Net Weight (g) (For Pairs/Sets/Major Parts) 3240
Product Height (mm) 50
Product Length (mm) 350
Product Width (mm) 220
Complete Product Pack Weight (g) 3680
Warranty (Months) - Private Enjoyment Use Only 12
Sold As Single

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Amplifier Data

Genuine Useable RMS Power, 4Ohm (Watts), < 1%THD, 14v 150x4
Genuine Useable RMS Power, 2Ohm (Watts), < 1%THD, 14v 220x4
Genuine Useable RMS Power, 4Ohm Bridge (Watts), < 1%THD, 14v 440x2
Frequency Response (Hz) 20-20000
THD Continuous 4 Ohm 1Khz/100Hz (%) <0.5
Signal To Noise Ratio (db) >100
LPF (Hz) 50-3000 (3+4)
HPF (Hz) 50-3500 (1+2), 15-1000 (3+4)
Bass Boost (Db) 0-12
Boost Frequency (Hz) 40
Audio Signal Input Voltage (V) 0.2-6
LPF Slope (Db/Oct) 12
HPF Slope (Db/Oct) 12
Amplifier Topology Class D
Fuse Rating (Amps) 105
Power Wire Input Gauge (AWG) 4
Recommended Wiring Kit and Accessories PWK4.1 RCA5.1
Minimum Recommend Final Load Per Channel (Ohms) 2
Input Impedance (KOhms) >20

Extended Amplifier Data

Verified RMS 14.4V Per Channel 4Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 143 (V1)
Verified RMS 14.4V Per Channel 2Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 213 (V1)
Verified RMS 14.4V Per Channel 1Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version)
Verified RMS 14.4V Bridge 4Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 431 (V1)
Verified RMS 13.8V Per Channel 4Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 125 (V1)
Verified RMS 13.8V Per Channel 2Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 187 (V1)
Verified RMS 13.8V Bridge 4Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 372 (V1)
Verified RMS 12.5V Per Channel 4Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 98 (V1)
Verified RMS 12.5V Per Channel 2Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 172 (V1)
Verified RMS 12.5V Per Channel 1Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version)
Verified RMS 12.5V Bridge 4Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 324 (V1)