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SPL6M.4 6.5" 16.5cm 8Ohm SVC Midrange Bass Woofer Single 150w RMS

World RRP: £51.99

Category: Midbass & Midrange Speakers

Product code: SPL6M.4.8

Bassface SPL6M.4 is a unique product. It is a professional series driver for consumer, professional and automotive applications, where an extremely high power, high output, small form factor driver is required. This overbuilt heavy duty driver was designed to defy logic by providing extreme output and super sound quality in one driver. A strong cast basket and a massive ceramic magnet weigh a lot, but the weight helps adds presence to the lower midbass as well as eliminating distortion caused by flex and resonances in the basket assembly. The 2″ High temperature voice coil is supported buy a triple roll treated cloth surround and a heavy duty cloth spider. A dimpled textured surface to the cone acts to increase the effective piston area, in turn moving more air, creating more SPL. From every angle this product screams quality, and delivers. Great for small or large door builds but also lends itself well to a 2 way mid top box with an appropriate tweeter and crossover. Copper Faraday rings (shorting rings) are also fitted to smooth the response of the speaker compared to a conventional design. The unusual additional cone provides extra output at the higher end of the frequency spectrum. This is the 8 Ohm version.

Version History

Prototype – Initially designed as a simple copy of SPL8M.2 this has evolved into a high specification niche filling product in its own right with the factory moving forward on features even before we received the V1. V1 – Added copper shorting rings, dual cone design, aluminium phase plug and production in both 4 and 8 Ohms to the original brief.



Key Facts

Product Category Midbass & Midrange Speakers
Version 1
Series Hammer
Barcode 683422299230
Production Status Current
Product Net Weight (g) (For Pairs/Sets Weight Is All Major Parts) 2090
Complete Product Pack Weight (g) 2240
Retail Carton L (mm) 180
Retail Carton W (mm) 180
Retail Carton H (mm) 100
Warranty (Months) 12
Sold As Single

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Speaker Data

Speaker Maximum Recommended Power (Watts) (One Speaker, Using Appropriate Crossover) 300
Speaker Power Handling RMS (Watts) (One Speaker, Using Appropriate Crossover) 150
Continuous RMS Power (Watts) (One Speaker, Using Appropriate Crossover & 1%THD) 120
Overall Diameter (mm) 174
Magnet Diameter (mm) (Including Magnet Protector Where Applicable) 120
Installation Cutout Diameter (mm) 148
Overall Depth (mm) 88
Mounting Depth (mm) 78
Front Protrusion From Mounting Plane (mm) 10
System Frequency Response (Hz) (Indicative Of Usable Range But Not Suitability) 50-10000
Impedance (Ohm) (Nominal) 8
Sensitivity (db/1Wm) 100
Magnet Type Y30
Recommended Cable PSC12.2
Voice Coil Diameter (mm) 40

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System Power

Full Speaker System Recommended Peak Power Input (Watts) (Using Pair/Full Set Of Speakers Not Necessarily Included & Appropriate Crossover) 600
Full Speaker System Power Handling RMS (Watts) (Using Pair/Full Set Of Speakers Not Necessarily Included & Appropriate Crossover) 300

Technical Highlights

  • Copper Shorting Ring (Faraday Ring) for Optimum Impedance Profile
  • Unique Phase Plug / Dual Cone Design for Perfect Response
  • Cast Aluminium Basket
  • CNC Machined Bullet Phase Plug
  • 1.5" High Temperature Voice Coil
  • Lightweight Paper Cone
  • Push Terminals
  • Large Ceramic Magnet
  • Heavy Duty Fabric Spider

What's In The Box?

  • 1 x High Performance 6.5" Cast Basket Midrange Driver
What's In The Box?

TS Parameters

Revc (Ohm) 7.2
Levc (uH) 38.747
Fo (Hz) 134.805
Sd (Cm sq) 132.6
Md (g) 11
BL (T m) 7.87
Qms 3.378
Qes 0.977
Qts 0.758
No (%) 0.851
SPL (Db) 91.3
Vas (Ltr) 3.508
Cms (uM/N) 140.493
Mms (g) 9.921
MMd (g) 9.044

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