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SPL15.3 15" 38cm 2x2Ohm DVC Subwoofer 2500w RMS

World RRP: £361.99


Product code: SPL15.3.2

The SPL15.3 features many of the same design principles found in the SPL12.2 and SPL15.2 but pushes the boundaries further, increasing the performance significantly. With higher power handling, larger Xmax and much more powerful motor, this woofer has proven very successful in various competitive formats. Triple stacked 125Oz Y35 Ceramic magnets provide a tremendous amount of magnetic force in the voice coil gap. This gives the enormous 4″ VC the force it needs to deliver sledgehammer transients and jellifying bass lines. We’ve kept the basket the same as the SPL15.2, it looks good, it works good. We’ve kept the cone pretty much the same apart from beefed up on the stiffness and where it attaches to the voice coil. The stronger that part of the woofer is, the better it will perform in long duration SPL burps reliably.

Technical Highlights

  • Designed for use in enclosures from 2.5 cubic feet (hard bass) up to 5 cubic feet (low bass)
  • Recommended Box - Ported 3.5 Cubic Feet Tuned to 35Hz
  • Super High Density Triple Stacked 125oz Ceramic Magnets
  • Extreme Duty Non Pressed Paper Cone & Dust-cap
  • Dual 2 Ohm BASV High Temperature Voice Coils
  • CAD Optimised Low Compression VC Cooling System
  • Cast Aluminium Basket
  • Treated Oversize Double Stitched Foam Surround
  • Extra Large Dust-cap Assists Structurally
  • Integrated Rubber Gasket
Technical Highlights



What's In The Box?

What's In The Box?
  • 1 x High Performance Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer

Version History

Prototype – We originally prototyped the SPL15.3 in a batch of 10. Tested thoroughly they satisfied our requirements so we put then into production. V1 – The V1 was good. But due to some manufacturing deficiencies and several points for improvement, we moved to the V2. V2 – The V2 looked outwardly the same but with had a taller surround. With a revised voice coil, custom tooled spider ring and dual multi-layer progressive spiders, this new version will had extended Xmax and longer coil height. On the magnet end there were also thicker top and bottom plates. Production of the SPL15.3 was ceased in Q4 2016 to make way for the new SPL15.4 and we retrospectively downgraded the maximum suggested power handling of the model to guarantee reliability of existing installations in the field.

Key Facts

Product Category Subwoofers
Version 2
Series Support Crew
First Added 24/10/2016
Last Modified 27/09/2018
Barcode 617529407694
Production Status Discontinued
Product Net Weight (g) (For Pairs/Sets/Major Parts) 20500
Complete Product Pack Weight (g) 21000
Warranty (Months) - Private Enjoyment Use Only 12
Sold As Single

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Speaker Data

Speaker Maximum Burst Power (Watts) (One Speaker, Using Appropriate Crossover) 5000
Speaker Power Handling RMS (Watts) (One Speaker, Using Appropriate Crossover) 2500
Continuous RMS Power (Watts) (One Speaker, Using Appropriate Crossover & 0%THD) 1880
Overall Diameter (mm) 400
Magnet Diameter (mm) (Including Magnet Protector Where Applicable) 220
Installation Cut-Out Diameter (mm) 360
Overall Depth (mm) 236
Mounting Depth (mm) 206
Front Protrusion From Mounting Plane (mm) 30
Impedance (Ohm) (Nominal) 2+2
Voice Coil External Diameter (mm) 100

Technical Parameters

Re (Ohm) 2
fs(Hz) 53.68
Mms (g) 416.91
MMd (g) 403.3
Cms(mm/N) 31.256
BL (T m) 30.37
Qms 6.56
Qes 0.55
Qts 0.51
Vas (Ltr) 20.35
n0(%) 0.554
Sd(cm2) 824.45
Md (g) 149
SPL (db/1Wm) 89.5
Xmax Both Way Total (mm) 29.69
EBP 97.6